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DEC power will set its sights on adding Blockchain capabilities to global charging devices and expanding the wireless charging industry with Blockchain networks and cryptocurrency technology. 

Who We Are

DEC has a world-class development team Make the information in the world of energy industry intelligent and token, and each node is trusted and entrusted and constructed Build, share and share a common ecosystem

What We Do

We envision the creation of a different kind of energy market, and we've built a series of blockchain-based products to help you get there.

By adopting blockchain technology, DEC will address all aspects of energy, including power generation, transmission and distributionPower, capital flow, information flow and other data will be collected from several parties including power supply, energy storage and financial trading platformsThe integration of the chain, the realization of data business transparent visualization, buyers and sellers can better grasp the tracking information.

The real opportunity here lies with utilities - technologies for commercially generating your own power are getting better and cheaper. So why not embrace and provide a standard P2P platform and charge for the flow of electricity in every direction?

I'm hoping this deployment will demonstrate to utilities that this is a viable option to keep and grow business as the market evolves - which is one of the biggest attractions about Power Ledger. They recognized the need to work with the existing utilities and existing wires - which will be huge for greater adoption.

Scott Helm, American PowerNet

Why We Do It

DEC decentralized energy system is the infrastructure of the entire ecosystem. Through DEC decentralized energy system, monopoly of the energy industry can be broken, price competition in the energy market can be formed, price transparency can be promoted, and interconnectivity between different energy regions can be realized.The most obvious effect is to realize dynamic price change and solve the problem of energy consumption through intelligent energy system.The integration of energy and blockchain can promote autonomous transactions among users, reduce the burden of electricity charges, enhance the transparency and credibility of transactions, reduce transaction time, and improve the utilization rate of energy and other benefits through the establishment of inter-community renewable energy trading network based on distributed ledger.In the future, in the process of continuous optimization of blockchain technology, it is bound to be able to establish a self-sufficient power supply for the residential power grid.In the future, it is not only people who need electricity to trade with each other, but also electrical appliances, such as new energy vehicles and charging piles, robots and other chargers.New energy vehicles and charging piles, for example, are a typical energy transaction.We will give new energy vehicles and charging piles unique digital identities on the blockchain.


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